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F.G. & the East Tornado

1993 mini CD Siamo Liberi (Palace Studio Recording UD)

1994 Live at Radio Koper (Hendrix Studio Koper)

1995 mini CD Johnny e la moto (Hendrix Studio Koper)

1997 Una Storia Banale (Helson study SP)


2000/01 You Mean… (Fandango Studio TS / Fairy Noise MS)

2003 La Casa dei Matti (Fandango Studio TS)

2005 I’m Free – mini CD – (Thunder Studio TS / Drum Code Studio SP)

with No Stress Brothers

2010 Sweet Groovie Paradox (Thunder Studio TS)

Tex Mex [T.M. Production]

2012/13  The best has yet to come (Thunder Studio TS / Urban Recording Studio TS)

2013 Hang loose,Tex Mex (live 2011/12/13, Thunder Studio TS)

Ressel Brothers [T.M. Production]

2014 To milk a duck (Thunder Studio TS)

Soloist [T.M. Production]

2009 Hard Blues (Thunder Studio TS)

2015 Rough Man (Thunder Studio TS)

2017 Gray Wolf (Thunder Studio TS)


with Sottofalsonome

2000 Trieste live

Frank Get and with Half Time Polka

2009 Graziano Romani Revisited Again