Rough Man’s Review

“Rough Man is a live cauldron and button full of all his love and music influences, including rock, blues, ballads, folk, roots, southern rock. If you find them near home to play do not let them escape, it’s worth it”.

Mauro Zambellini, Zambosplace

“Big numbers are those surrounding Triestino’s career Frank Get: career start in 1979, thirteen active albums, eighteen tracks of the new album (including a successful cover of Mixed Up Shooked Up Girl of Willy De Ville), Classic rock, from the US tradition,like blues, country, Springsteen, John Cougar, and southern rock. He feels that Frank knows what he is doing and knows how to handle the matter and knows how to shape it perfectly to produce an honest, sincere, rough and extremely enjoyable album to listen to”.


“In fact, songs such as Barbed Wire and Destination Nowhere, number 1 and number 2 of the album, are the mirror of Frank search work: there is the story of the places and places of the unique stories of those who have somehow changed the world.
The research work is also in the making of the album, he sung and play all the instruments inside. Rock and blues sounds warm the air around the listener and prepare it at the very moment of sharing inspired and thoughtful lyrics…”.

Antonio Picco

“A successful record where rock and blues share sharing moments and where texts are confirmed illuminated and inspired”.

Aldo Pedron, Rockgarage

“Even though experiences such as Frank Get may be interesting especially for narrow circles, the Triestian musician must be recognized as coherence, skill and extreme knowledge of his or her kind of membership”.


“Destination Nowhere, Buffalo Bill, Misty Valley e Lost Land Blues, don’t do bad shape onto CDs of Southside Johnny, Steve Earle or whatever american songwriter, who holding the guitar like a machine gun, shoot in face  all his fears, his pains with his joys and certainties, his naked and raw life”.

Antonio Spanò, Offtopic

“In his music he feels, all his love for musical mongrels but that they are as roots-rock, blues, southern rock… in Rough Man, Frank sing and play all the instruments”.

Andrea Trevaini, Buscadero