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Frank Get band

Frank Get

Lead Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin and Piano

Frank Get is an Italian artist born in Trieste. He is a singer, bassist, guitarist, pianist and a composer. He started his music career in 1979. He has more than 30 years of experience in the music industry, especially rock music. He published 14 albums and has a long list of concerts he did around the world. He has won many awards and participated to a lot of music festivals in Italy like the well known Sanremo festival plus other music competition in Italy and around the world like “Light of Day”, the benefit event organized by Bruce Springsteen for Parkinson fund-raising that take place in Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Giulio Roselli


Member of Frank Get Band from 1993 till 1997, joined the band again in 2015. One of the busiest drummers in Trieste, started his musical education on the “Giuseppe Tartini” Music Conservatory in the Percussion Class from 1986 to 1991. During the same period he collaborated as a percussionist in the “Giuseppe Verdi” Band and with the orchestra of the Teatro Verdi. At the same time, he began his drummer activity with various regional music ensembles. In 1989 he attended the Perugia Berklee School’s specialization seminars during the Umbria Jazz Festival.
In the early 1990’s he moved to Veneto where he collaborated with various orchestras and at the same time recorded for numerous artists in Italy and Slovenia. Also, for many years he collaborated with studio Jork in Slovenia and the owner of the studio, Jadran Ogrin (known as the bass player of the bands Boomerang, Kameleoni, September and Karamela).
In 2000 he returned to Trieste where he started an intense teaching activity, while continuing his various collaborations as drummer and percussionist, with artists such as Ivo Tull and many others.

Tea Tidić

Bass and Vocals

Member of Frank Get Band since 2015. This Croatian bass player and singer was born in Pula, and she started playing the bass guitar in 2002. Before that she studied the oboe and classical music theory at the Music Academy at Pula. After playing classical music in many classical ensembles and orchestras, in 2002 she started in Pula her own rock band VIS The Thunderbirds. Through the years, she played in various blues, rock, jazz and metal bands – Junkers 5, Supernaut, Ostaci zvuka, Leukkemiaa, Rock Queens, Distortion Factory, Groove Ladies and many more. Although she played mostly the blues/rock genre, she attended many editions of the Summer Jazz School in Grožnjan, where she had the opportunity to work with many well known Croatian and international jazz musicians, among whom with the legendary Croatian jazz musician, composer, vibraphone player and educator Boško Petrović, and also to study bass with known bass players like Ewald Oberleitner, Mario Mavrin, Andy McKee, Robert Jukić and Goran Rukavina.
In 2012. she started the rock cover band CherryBombz in Pula, and from 2013 plays with the blues rock band Vervet from Novigrad. Also plays bass in various rock, jazz and classical projects and works as an educator.

Andrea Reganzin

Keyboards and Vocals

Member of Frank Get Band since 2015. After only two months of preparation, in 1993, when a friend of his father taught him the basics, which was enough for him to start to practice and as a self-taught musician explore the piano, this musician from Trieste started playing the piano at bars, weddings and various parties – alone or as a member of various bands. This was till 2002, when he followed the advice of his grandparents, and enrolled Scuola di Musica 55 in Trieste, where he met his current teacher Giovanni Vianelli. With Vianelli he started studying blues, boogie woogie and rock’n’rol music. As a student of Scuola di Musica 55, he participated in various blues and gospel workshops under the artistic direction of his teacher Giovanni Vianelli, also performing on the final concerts. From 2002 till 2009 he played solo in various piano bars, and started playing with the Sunny Boy & The Diplomats of Blues Band. His teacher Giovanni Vianelli was a member of Frank Get Band, and in 2013. Reganzin replaced his teacher on one Frank Get concert. In the summer of 2013 he started to play with the Bluesmobile Band, from 2015 is a member of Frank Get Band, and in 2016 he started studying jazz.